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After Seeing Yet Another Hit Piece By Chuck Todd of Meet The Press, Should President Trump Simply Ignore The Media?

After seeing the CONSTANT attacks by the mainstream media, should President Trump avoid talking to them altogether? Today another low for the liberal media. They brought Kelly Anne on to Meet the Press, and then cut her 10 minute interview into a short tiny segment.

Go RED For The Inauguration!


After losing the election. After losing the recount. After all challenges to the Electoral College results…all these people have left to talk about is the Russians.

Don’t you find it somewhat insulting that they think Hillary lost because of an email dump? Do they really think voters are that shallow? Perhaps they are confused because THEY are shallow and easily swayed.

Maybe they should spend more time examining the level of corruption that they themselves were caught being a part of. In any event, they should take Joe Biden’s words to hear and realize…It’s Over!!