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All Of A Sudden, Having A Good Relationship With Russia Is A Bad Thing?

President Trump wants to maintain peace by establishing a good relationship with Russia. Here are a few recent tweets from the President-Elect regarding Russia:

Go RED For The Inauguration!

But now it seems that the Democrats are hell-bent on fighting with Russia and they seem to be really aching for a war.

The thing with the Internet is that it’s forever. Things you say have a funny way of creeping back to haunt you. We all saw that in the election…and we’re seeing it again now.

Let’s look back on a moment in 2009 when Crooked Hillary represented the Obama administration and offered the Russians a silly “reset button” in an effort to reach out to Vladimir Putin.

Check out the video below. It’s probably something they wish wasn’t on the Internet.

And as you’ll see in the video, they even screwed up this horrible photo opp!