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Shocking The Left! Donald Trump’s Income Tax Plan Helps Americans Keep More Of Their Money

Donald Trump's tax plan would help the poorest Americans
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[pullquote align=”full” cite=”CBS News” link=”http://www.cbsnews.com/news/yes-trump-tax-plan-should-help-the-poorest-americans/” color=”#14989D” class=”” size=””] Much has been made of the fact that Donald Trump’s tax plan is really, really good for Donald Trump. But by raising the point at which people begin to owe taxes and retaining key tax credits, the Republican presidential candidate’s tax plan should also put more money in the pockets of the poorest Americans.
Taking these factors into account, the Tax Policy Center’s Elaine Maag has calculated that those credits would help offset a single person’s tax bill until they earned $12,255. A married couple with two kids would have to earn nearly $50,000 before the sum of their tax bill minus any credits they received was greater than $0. [/pullquote]

Family type
Income tax kicks in
Current law
Income tax kicks in
Trump tax plan
Single, 0 children $10,300 $25,000
Single, 1 child $17,250 $25,000
Single, 2 children $21,250 $25,000
Married, 0 children $20,600 $50,000
Married, 1 child $24,600 $50,000
Married, 2 children $28,600 $50,000
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