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Fandezvous Has Done A Great Job With Ecommerce

don’t let faux negative reviews bring you down!

Fandezvous Complaints And Reviews…Are They Real?

When you operate an e-commerce store, and if the store is successful,you are going to get reviews. And if the store is REALLY successful you’re also going to catch the eye of many hungry competitors.


Now what if you also sell a product that’s really controversial? What if it’s a product that represents a certain political candidate?This isn’t a post on politics, but could you imagine what kind of trolls are attracted when you sell the Donald Trump Make America Great Again red hat? Yes…a LOT!

Trolls and competitors will do anything to hurt your brand. They will stop at nothing to drive as much negative publicity for you as possible. E-commerce is a very competitive and lucrative business. It draws attacks from trolls and competitors like flies to…well you know.

There are many ways for haters to bring down a brand. And the cheapest and easiest way is to post negative reviews, comments, and fraudulent claims. I’ve even known people who post fake pictures of products to make it appear as they were real.


In addition, when there are legitimate complaints, the customer may post on social media, but they never go back and edit their post. And we all know what gets posted online stays online.

At Fandezvous we deliver thousands of orders each month. Yet because of the products that we market, we get a few scammers who seek to bring us down. In fact, don’t be surprised if some try to attack us here.

Once when we marketed a shirt that kind of made fun in a tongue in-cheek way regarding the Black Lives Matter trend. 5,000 comments and posts later we realized that we had a winner, but the inevitable troll always shows up to try and ruin the party.

If this happens on a store that you run, don’t think it’s the end of the world. Most people realize that there are many sites that the trolls use to damage the reputation of a business.

Reputation management is a HUGE business because this trolling practice is so prevalent. Even American Express recognizes this. They consider it being “held hostage”…but don’t let it get to you.

Check out this article that the management at Fandezvous found interesting and helpful in dealing with faux complaints and reviews…and even bogus Better Business Bureau submissions. (do people under 70 even know what the BBB is?)

It was posted by American Express Open Forum and it’s called:

6 Ways to Handle Negative Online Reviews

How not to feel like you’re being held hostage by online reviewers? Small-business owners offer tips for dealing with bad feedback.

If people post negative feedback about your business, don’t let them win. Fight back. Everyone is a critic these days with social media and because of that the old adage of the customer always being right is no longer true.

Sometimes the “customer” isn’t one at all. They are just paid trolls or competitors. To lay down just cedes power to them and to those who host those phony complaint sites.

As Fandezvous found out, fortunately, there are a number of ways that small-business owners can minimize the influence of negative reviews and encourage satisfied customers to join the digital conversation.

Treat people right, over deliver and let your fans be your mobile army. Nobody has time for the BS of small people.

We certainly don’t at Fandezvous.