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Legal, Hard Working Mexicans Support Donald Trump

Mexican woman supports Donald Trump
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Much has been made over the comments about illegal Mexicans. Of course the media, and even some GOP candidates jumped on the bandwagon to misconstrue the context of the statement.

Luckily, there are some legal, hard working Mexicans that understand the need for a hard line against the swarm of illegal aliens.

But this woman won’t appear on any network news broadcasts because she doesn’t fit the narrative. Listen to what she has to say.

“Elizabeth” was born in Mexico and legally immigrated to the US. As she says, “she did everything right.”

At a panel hosted by Republican pollster Frank Luntz, she explained why she supports Donald Trump and his proposed wall.

The silent majority is obviously much bigger than they think. Or maybe they do know…which is why they are so afraid! Share this so more can know that legal Mexicans support the Trump presidential campaign.