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Meryl Streep At The Golden Globes: “I Lost My Mind Sometime Earlier This Year”…Then Goes On To Attack President Trump

Obviously Hollywood hasn’t learned ANYTHING after seeing Donald Trump wipe the floor with Hillary Clinton. Seeing the elite-fest from last night’s broadcast of the Golden Globes underscores that.

Go RED For The Inauguration!.

By now you’ve heard that Meryl Streep, along with her Hollywood elite friends, played the victim card. As she stated that she and her cohorts are members of “the most vilified segment of American society.”  Yes…a woman worth tens of millions of dollars actually had the nerve to say that.

She also went after the sports of football and Mixed martial arts. Amazing!

Wonder what the liberals think about an actor making an attempt to “influence” people? That’s bad right?

Meryl Streep gave a nauseating and condescending speech at the Golden Globes that was aimed at Donald Trump. She painted Hollywood to be a bunch of ‘outsiders’ who are from different countries and if you (Trump) kick them out there won’t be any entertainment!

Here’s the entire video and how President Trump and others responded: